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My resume/skills highlights are below. Without getting too carried away with a list of accomplishments, let me just say I'm not your average techie. I work as a liaison and consultant between technology and business teams to clarify goals and constraints:

  • Developed websites, instructional design, and technical content/communications for eight years now at one of the world's top Global HR Consulting firms.

  • Engineered portal design, content and communications that are accessed and read by tens of thousands of employees every day.

  • Developed websites since 1996. I've worked on the Domino and Mambo CMS platforms as well as in CSS. I'm a big fan of leveraging and integrating PHP based blog and discussion forum apps like WordPress and SMF.

While this is only part-time work for me, don't let that fool you. I work nights and weekends to typically turn these around within only a few days. While providing hosting and technical help is never a problem, I only take on a limited number of website development projects each year - as time allows.

Below, you'll find some sample websites. I enjoy the work and challenges of web development. I especially enjoy partnering with the "solopreneur" businesses/clients I've had the privilege of working with since 1996.

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