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What software should I use to manage my address book and contacts?
PIM (personal information management): I like the Palm; they're cheap and the desktop software is really excellent for contacts, calendar, to dos, and even expenses. Even if you don't go with the device, the desktop software can be downloaded for free from their site: But, get an inexpensive Palm Pilot and then you'll have instant-on access to all your critical stuff wherever you are. I think they're under $100 now - you can't beat that (where to buy). Palm setup, synching, backing up and restoring are pretty easy when compared to other software backups - so I continue to like them.

Not convinced? I would only recommend one other that gets high marks - and if you need something a little more sophisticated: ACT! (info, where to buy).

What software should I use for email?
There are only two products worth looking at: Mozilla Thunderbird (free); and Microsoft Outlook (info, where to buy). Both are solid e-mail packages. My preference is Thunderbird for price, ease of use and added value features. Additionally, if you install some of the add-ons for Thunderbird, you'll have some strong contact and calendar management features.

How do I backup or move email and email program settings to another (new) computer?
See tech tips section for more advanced topics like this.

What form of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards: Visa, American Express, Discover and Master card. We also accept checks and money orders written in USD.

What will appear on my credit card statement?
Your credit card statement will show a charge to Success Summits

I've already purchased my domain(s). How do I point it to your servers?
You need to go to the registrar where you purchased your domain and log into the area where you can manage or edit your domain information. What you will need to do is change the name servers to the DNS server names we will e-mail you when we create your account. Should you require any assistance in correctly changing your registrar DNS record, please contact me and I would be happy to assist you (or I can do it for you if you provide the ID/password to log in).

Do you provide support for FrontPage?
We will support the server side of FrontPage - i.e., the FrontPage Server extensions. We do not usually provide technical support on authoring sites with FrontPage. While there are many questions we CAN answer, if you require support for FrontPage that goes beyond our expertise, we will refer you to

Do you think I need a separate external hard drive?
You need an external harddrive - doesn't have to be huge or expensive but at least 80 or 100 GB should do - probably around $100. This is for your backups. How important is this? Your whole business will be on your computer: contacts, financials, calendar of appointments. If your laptop falls off your desk - is your business down for a week or two? Make sure the back up hard drive is kept current and can be plugged into another PC in the house and you're back up and running in minutes.

How do I send an email that keeps my recipients addresses hidden?
This is a good idea because when you are sending e-mail to lots of people, most folks appreciate that you don't broadcast their addresses to all the other recipients. When e-mail gets forwarded over and over again -- as in the case of jokes -- you never know where those e-mail addresses are going to land. Some people will scoop the e-mail addresses so that they can send unsolicited e-mails to the list. Hiding your friends' and colleagues' e-mail addresses from the Internet is common courtesy and good net etiquette. In your e-mail program, go into your address book and create an entry called "Undisclosed Recipients." Assign your own e-mail address to the entry. Next, create a new e-mail and in the "To:" field type "undisclosed recipients." Your e-mail program will pull the entry from the e-mail address book and address the message back to you. This is like sending the e-mail to yourself. Then use the "Bcc:" field to enter all the other e-mail addresses you want to send the e-mail to. Bcc means "blind carbon copy." The addresses in this field will receive a copy of the e-mail message, but anyone who receives the e-mail will not know who else received it.

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