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Domain Registration & Hosting Fee:
  • $10/month or $100/year USD
  • This hosting package is more than adequate for most small businesses.
  • Domain registration and setup: $20/year for registration of first domain; $10/year per additional domains. You can also do this yourself if you prefer or want to try and save $$.
Disk Space
This is the total size of your disk space usage (or files) on our servers.
  • 500 MB; negotiable; let's see what you need
Monthly Traffic
This is the amount of data transfer that you are allowed to use with your account. Web site visitors, email messages, and file uploads/downloads all transfer data between our servers and the Internet.
  • 25 GB
  • POP3/IMAP4 E-mail users allow you to send and receive e-mail messages with your favorite program like Microsoft Outlook, Mozillla, or Thunderbird. Each user allows you to have a unique e-mail address. (eg. We can create as many accounts as you need.
  • Webmail: Read and send e-mail from any web browser! This feature makes it easy to use e-mail from any computer connected to the internet that has a web browser!
  • Catch-All Email Account: Any mail sent to your domain that is undeliverable will be delivered to this account, ensuring that you get any e-mail sent to your domain.
  • Email Forwarding: This feature allows you to have e-mail messages that are sent to a POP3 user automatically forward to another address.
  • Email Aliases: E-mail aliases allow you to have more than one address per mailbox.

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