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I'm only listing gear that I own or or at least have enough experience with to make a recommendation. This is what I dive with - it's not just a list of everything under the sun. Write me if you have any questions.

"My greatest regret is that the demands of my career left too little time for diving"
--- Lloyd Bridges, Star of the 1950s TV series Seahunt

Apeks ATX50 - Is there a sweeter regulator? The price is right, widely available for parts/servicing, and environmentally sealed to help protect us from ourselves - I don't always do the best job of cleaning up after the dive. This is an easy breather and I've taken it down to 30 degree water on multiple occasions without issue or freeze up. Solid and reliable. I've also read on scubaboard that it's a favorite of instructors because servicing is widely available - even in extremely remote locations. I recommend this reg without reservation!! Read up on Apeks in Scubaboard if you like, you'll see it's highly recommended. This link takes you to the ATX100 which is slightly better - I couldn't find a link to the ATX50.

Suunto Cobra - Do your homework and ask around. You'll find what I found. Suunto is it when it comes to reliability. This thing is indestructable but it still comes with a rugged dry box. I think the Air/Nitrox option is a must and I'd also get the easy-on attachment included here with the package. Assemble/disassemble is super easy with this release. I'm a geek, so I love the Suunto software you can use when syncing up with your PC. I like the ability to take tons of notes in the log on your PC after the dive ... I list all equipment, weight used, etc. Very excellent. The new version of the software is very well done as well - best I've seen.

I like the AquaLung Octopus because it's low profile (stays close to the chest) and yet it breathes like a higher quality (bulkier) safe second. Every time I've had to use it with a buddy, I always ask them how it breathed. I get the same feedback every time - excellent. I've had no problems with it and it's also been used in 30 degree water without issues. Small, easy, reliable, solid brand and the price was right.

Akona's Ultimate Dive Travel Bag - Stop searching. This is the bag. Extra large wheels with traction will allow you to take this anywhere. You could take these to war with you. It's the toughest material I've seen for any bag of it's kind. Absolutely, a solid product. Everything I've seen from Akona has been impressive whether it's their rolling bags or backpacks. You'll be passing this along to your kids - it's that rugged.

O'Neill 3mil Reactor Wetsuit - This is just what I need for Saba or warmer waters (80's). I'm 5'10" and 175lbs and the large fits like a glove. This wetsuit is very multi-purpose but I think it\'s perfect for diving. The extra padding and protection on the chest is perfect for keeping everthing from shifting around. It was probably designed with surfers in mind but I like it. Easy to pack and light weight! I've had it for years and I can't believe it still looks brand new! There's a women's version too - check it out.

Genesis Mojave Dry Snorkel - I tried a bunch of these and this is the one. It's dry, and I mean really a dry snorkel. The Flexible, corrugated tubing and angled tube make this easy to use. When you're not using it the flexibe tubing keeps it away from your face and the angled bore makes it streamlined - so it doesn't get caught on anything. An oversized sump and purge valve assembly below the mouthpiece keeps trapped water from reaching your mouth upon surfacing. I've tried others and they just don't cut it. I just bought another one of these for my wife Heather - she was jealous.

Zeagle Ranger BCD - Air-tight, bomb-proof, etc. Rugged, made in USA but most importantly will grow with the diver. This is fully customizable and try to find that in another choice. I'll expand on that. You will tweak it and it will fit like a glove. If you need to replace any parts, you can. You do not have to buy an entirely new BCD like with so many other manufacturers. Plus, it's a back-inflation style rather than vest which helps considerably with your buoyancy. Like the sign says: "For the diver who wants a rugged recreational system that can grow and change to meet different diving needs, the Ranger BC embodies an ideal mix of features. Constructed of heavily reinforced 1050 denier ballistic nylon, the Ranger is comfortable, balanced, and can be used in an incredible range of diving activities. It is compatible with a variety of additional bladders, pockets, and other accessories. The waist closure is a single buckle combined with elastic waist panels. The standard bladder has a 44-lb lift capacity." Compare this to the flimsy single tank strap "caribbean BCDs" and there is no comparison. Sometimes I use the integrated weights and sometimes I use a belt. I like having the choice. The integrated weight system is truly ingenious.

Princeton Tec Travel Pack - Perfect for those who want compact powerful dive lights. I didn't buy these in a set but I wish I had - it's a much better value. The set includes Mini Wave II as your primary, with the Tec 40 backup. Includes a coil lanyard and mini retractor for attaching to your BC so you can't really go wrong here. It's a top-notch combination and I'm real happy with the whole set.

Wenoka "Squeeze" Lock Titanium Knife - Extremely well made. Best knife for the price in my opinion. I like the locking mechanism for locking in the sheath. It's the best one and most secure I've found. This won't accidentally slip out. I also appreciate the many options they give you for mounting it: BCD, tie straps etc. You have to see it to believe it - there are a lot of options on this for mounting in various positions. And, lastly, I like the blunt tip. I see no point in stabbing myself accidentally or worse stabbing my expensive equipment!! (not my Zeagle Ranger - don't even say it!). Well done Wenoka.

Scubapro Crystal VU Single Lens Mask with Purge - This is my old standby. I try others but have been going back for more with this one. It's my #1 and no other mask has been able to knock it out of its position. (I label the mask boxes #1, #2, etc. for pecking order - you mock what you don't understand) Maybe I'm just used to it but it fits like a glove.

Mares X-Vision Two Window Mask - I read a lot of hype about this one before I bought it. And, for the most part it's true. The field of vision is amazing. You do sort of have the feeling you've been sitting in the cheap seats before you wore this mask. I may just be partial to the single window mask because I found this one annoying at times. It's super easy to clear but a little leaky. If this fit my face just a little better, it would be my #1. But, if nothing else, I love having this available to use once in a while. What an incredible field of vision you get with this. It is truly #1 for snorkeling - hands down.

Genesis Panview 4 -Window Mask - Think quality. Maybe a little heavier than X-Vision or Crystal VU. But, this mask is very well done. A solid choice for anyone - maybe especially if you're only going to get one. My wife has two with prescriptions in them. This is my #2 and it's a solid backup for me and likely to move up the pecking order when the Crystal VU takes a dive (pun intended).

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