Tips & Things to Consider

If you're considering designing or redesigning a website, consider the following questions and advice:

Using the Web to Presell
  • Small businesses that provide an online brochure of their products and services discover that it helps them filter out unproductive phone calls.
  • Think in terms of "preselling" ... we want the site to sell the product before the prospect calls you.
Who is your Target Market?
      What are they looking for?
  • Who will visit the site and what are they looking for? Make sure they find it!
  • Have you visited competitor websites to help you determine the features you need? For example, service providers commonly want features like "testimonials", "refer this site" and basics like a "contact me" page.
  • Is there any free content you can include? "How-to" guides or sample workbooks can be very effective in generating interest.
Getting Started: Web Development
  • If you shop around and are starting from scratch you need the following: domain registration, website hosting, and website development. We provide all of these services for our clients because they prefer the peace of mind.
  • Develop your bio and elevator statements for the business. This is key information for your website - afterall, it is an online brochure too!! Keep in mind, you wouldn't put your resume into a brochure. Don't worry, most new businesses go through many drafts of their elevator statement and have entire teams working to refine it! We can work on this with you.
  • Many of our clients are individuals who provide a service. Do you have a professional headshot? This investment is worth every penny - and you'll be able to leverage it for years.
  • Do you have 5-10 key images that exemplify the company or service provided? If you don't have the images, can you describe them or provide examples to your developer?

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